Fireboy And Watergirl

You’re sitting at home, looking over your collection of games, wondering which one to play yet again. You scroll through your virtual rolodex of options already knowing their outcomes.

You’ve beat the boss monsters, mastered all of the levels, you’ve maybe even done so multiple times. Once you’ve beat all the levels required of each game they definitely can become tiresome, or better yet, boring and predictable. You need a new outlet for your computer gaming needs, and that is where Fireboy and Watergirl come in. 

This action-packed game is about it’s two main characters, Fireboy and Watergirl; a boy made of pure flames and his companion, a girl made from magical water. This game comes in 5 different series in the following sequence: The Forest Temple, The Light Temple, The Ice Temple, The Crystal Temple, and the Forest Temple again in the 5th installment. Each one requires it’s game enthusiasts to choose which of the two players will best help you get to your final destination successfully. For example, Fireboy can be used to survive in boiling hot lava, as it is his natural element as for Watergirl will not survive. With the water terrain challenges, Watergirl undergoes each one effortlessly because she is thriving in her natural element where Fireboy will not.

The objective of Fireboy and Watergirl is to get to your end destination without either of the characters dying in the process. By strategically moving them through the various levels of each game, and avoiding all traps and various pitfalls, you also have the capability of switching back and forth between each one simultaneously by using the arrow keys of your computer for Fireboy to move, and the letters A, W, and D to move Watergirl.

Reminiscent of the previous gaming experience, you’ll find yourself maneuvering through different worlds and levels anxious to defeat them all. This game is very nostalgic in it’s graphic design and music which will take you back to a more simpler time where left, right, and jump were all you needed to succeed. 

Timing is certainly the trickiest part of the game. As easy as the controls may seem, you would think this game would be a breeze, but all it takes is for a player to rush through a straight away path and land in a pool of water, or hot lava which is detrimental for both of your characters, as well as if one of them dies, the game is over for them both.

Each character counter-acts with each other by needing help to get to the next level not alone, but together. While one character stands on a button that opens a sliding door, the other can walk through it. However, if you ignore bringing a character along beside you throughout the journey, not only will you not make it to the level’s end, but it will seriously be a struggle trying to catch them up to each other without the assistance. You also will not be able to successfully complete the mission without both characters making it to their stairway of completion at the end of each level; i.e. teamwork is key in this multifaceted quest for adventure.