Online Flash Games: Already a dead art?

The 21st century so far has been a few set of years which is defined by one word : innovation. As years pass by, we are witness how quickly things go from “Top of the Line” to Obsolete in a matter of years, months or days. This is the same case for Online Computer Games.

Coming in the first few years of the 2000’s, Online Flash games were a hit and almost every child do play these. And why not ? A plethora of different exciting flash games on one portal, that is superb, atleast by that time. Times are where you’ll need to setup a bulky console just to play those ever reliable Pac-Man or the world famous Super Mario Bros., but because of Online Flash Games, you can easily access those titles and then some by just a number of click. It was like excitement on a few clicks. Great times man.

Fast forward to today, rarely do we see kids now who play online flash games, that is because of the emergence of pocket computers or smartphones where you could access and play High-End Games (with the astonishing graphics that comes with it) at the comfort of your own seat. Games played on small smartphones are the same games we labelled as Premium Games back in the day. And the access to it is in an all-time high.

Now the question, is the industry of Online Flash Games officially dead ?

I don’t think so. Many developers today still do create amazing games through Flash, and I can still see a handful of titles exclusive Online Flash. Not to mention the nostalgia effect it brings each time I play those retro and classic games. And multiplayer do actually started in Online Flash Games where the other player takes the other side of the keyboard as their control mechanism.

Yes we admit, the age of Next-Gen game is upon us, but the excitement for retro gaming that Online Flash Games do provide is something realistic graphics just will not kill.