What Do You Need To Make Flash Games

Flash games or as they are commonly known as web based games, run off Adobe Flash code. One of the first things you will need to creating your very own flash game is a concept or story.

Something else that you will need to know before starting to build your own flash game is a design. There are four basic game styles for flash games and they are: endless runners, brawlers, puzzles, and RPGs (role playing games). Once you have a design laid out for your game it is a matter of taking the design and putting into your own flash game. The next thing you will need to create your flash game is a program that will turn your design into a flash game.

There are several different programs you can use to design your own flash game such as Adobe Flash, Unity, and Visual Studios. The Adobe flash program will run you about $19.99 per month which will allow you to script, animate, and create your flash game. Visual Studio’s price is roughly $2000 for the first year and $800 to renew the subscription; there is also other subscriptions that are more expensive.

There is an open source version of Visual Studio which you can avoid the high price tag on that software. Unity software is a free software unless the flash game generates a revenue greater than $100,000. Once you have the program you want, it is just a matter of taking your design and creating it using the software.

The next thing you would need to create your own flash game is the knowledge of writing scrip code. Understanding coding will allow motion to happen in your flash game and clicks and buttons will cause actions to happen. Lastly, you will need a site to host your flash game, such as Newgrounds.